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Ferris Wheel Theme Park

The largest on-water Ferris Wheel in China is 120 meters high with 60 nacelles imported from Switzerland, a central LED Display Screen of 3000m2, plus the florid flashing lamps, making the most resplendent pearl along the lakefront of Jinji Lake! A new landmark of well-known Suzhou City appears hereon!

Peach Blossom Island

Peach Blossom Island is named for its beautiful peach blossoms flourishing in spring, savored by the romantic and amorous Lovers’ Bay. Wandering there, you will feel as if you were in a Xanadu. You may explore the wild interests, or ascend to the pavilion for a distant view or enjoy the tea under the moonlit sky, all of comfort and pleasure.

Double-deck carrousels

The shining and brilliant luxurious double-deck carrousels keep going round and round with the romantic melodies, maintaining our well preserved childlike innocence, while chasing after the dream of old times and looking for the purest happiness!

Starlit Swing

For the happiness-theme Ferris Wheel Park, the romantic and aesthetic Starlit Swing is the most brilliant highlight. Here, stars lightened by the joyous laughters, dresses dancing in the wind, and you are embraced by the most dreamlike happiness!

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