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Suzhou, the heart of the Jiang Nan region that was for centuries the provider of the finest luxuries to the Forbidden City and the economic backbone of the historic Empires, is the symbol of Chinese achievements in the pursuit of quality of life. Reaching for the finest runs in the bloodstream of the Suzhou people. Whether it is in architecture, horticulture, gastronomy, embroidery, or in the arts and crafts of playthings and tit-bits in daily life, Suzhou never gives up even after they find the finest. Yet, in spite of all the human efforts, there is no trace of chiseling on Mother Earth, no sign of brutality to Nature:Man and Heaven live in perfect harmony. No wonder Suzhou has long been regarded as Paradise on Earth .
SSCAC is built alongside the beautiful Lake Jin Ji on 150,000 sq. meters of land south of the maple forest and the Suzhou International Expo Centre. This piece of property was designated by government for a cultural park, in line with the recommendations of Edaw, a US city-planning consultancy who envisaged the Lake area to be a New Paradise on Earth The Centre houses a variety of function facilities:Grand Theatre, Performance Hall, Cineplex, IMAX Theatre, exhibition galleries, function halls, commercial centre and horticultural gardens. It is the permanent home to the world-renowned annual ‘ Jin Ji (Golden Rooster) Cinematic Awards’ , a communication platform for artists around the world and a landmark for shopping and leisure activities.
Suzhou never stops refining the refined. The elegance of the city never fails to impress visitors, whether they come from countries afar or other corner of China. SSCAC is dedicated to the continuity of the Suzhou tradition:to elevate the quality of culture and the arts to a new height.
Modern Piaza, Wang Dun Road, Suzhou Industrial Park 215028,
Jiangsu Province, P.R. China
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