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International Expo Center

Suzhou International Expo Center Co., Ltd established in May, 2003. It is a large state owned exhibition venue invested by Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) Administrative Committee.

Now Suzhou International Expo Center Co., Ltd owns two subsidiary companies, which are GH Events Co., Ltd and Busiman Exhibition Engineering Co., Ltd.

As a young company, SuzhouExpo has been an active and well-known player in the exposition industry both domestic and abroad and has been the full member company of all three global associations i.e. UFI, SISO and IAEE. With the establishment of its two subsidiary companies, SuzhouExpo has a more solid foundation to expand the business. GH Events Co., Ltd mainly organizes and plans different exhibitions and conventions in worldwide area.It is the most professional and strongest exhibition company with the largest scale in the local district, and has held many exhibitions and conventions successfully. And inheriting the principle of "specialization, marketization, internationalization", Busiman provides its clients with precise design and construction of booth and exhibition hall. Furthermore, with the high quality project and display, Busiman is an expert on cost control which creates maximum value for our clients.

Marketization, Professionalization, and Internationalization are the three principles in the development of SuzhouExpo's business. Since 2006, “two Rep offices in Beijing and Shanghai have been established and have helped their mother company in information collection, business promotion and cooperation with their clients.”

Since the very beginning, SuzhouExpo has aimed at being one of the world class exhibition centers.The designing, construction,building, operation and management of this site have all had their footholds on a high starting point which are shown in the Phase I construction; International investment is welcomed for the Phase II construction and management to achieve win-win results between SuzhouExpo and its strategic partners.

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Jiangsu Province, P.R. China
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